Tips for Making Bananas Last Longer

Banana is one kind of fruit that cannot be kept on the freeze and it is also seen that banana easily gets damaged.

It doesn’t last for long time where other fruits can be kept in freeze and eat for long time but if we keep banana in the freeze we cannot eat that banana easily. If you keep banana on freeze it gets damage and the next thing is that Ethylene comes out from the stem of the banana which will damage the entire fruits that is nearly banana.

So how to keep the banana safe so that we can eat it when we like. Here is the video where the tips are shown to keep the banana last longer and this will be applicable for everyone who loves banana. If you want to keep banana for few days than as in the video tie a plastic on its tips very tightly and cover it gently. This doesn’t means you can keep it for longest time but as comparison you can keep it for long time. This is one of the easy methods to last the banana for longer. So you can see the process in the video below which is very amazing and easy as well.

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